Doing a photoshoot on the beach is a lot of fun. The environment alone creates a good experience, but there are some things we should consider when deciding to do a photo shoot on the beach.

Clothes, dates, times, the beach where you want to do the photo shoot should be thought of before the day of your photo shoot, as well as the poses you would like to do on the big day. Having everything thought out and planned can avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, you want to do your photo shoot on a deserted beach and you end up choosing a beach with a lot of people, this can ruin your experience, as there is nothing to do in this case other than work with what you have at your disposal.

It is important when planning your photo session to decide where you want to hold your photo session, taking into consideration what you want from the place where you intend to go for your photo session.

You have already chosen the beach where you want to hold your photo session. Now let's think about what happens if it rains that day. I'm bringing this point up because a week ago this happened to me. We planned the photo shoot in advance, but on the day of the photo shoot it rained. I even found it interesting, the person who wanted to be photographed was open to trying, but this may not be the case for you. Therefore, it is good to keep an eye on the climate of the region where you live. Extreme cold or heat can also affect your photo shoot. That's why it's important to plan and think about a plan B or perhaps a plan C.

Another important point is the time. I like the afternoon time here on the beaches that are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Early in the morning it is also very interesting. When the sun starts to get stronger and is at its highest point, I no longer like working at this time, as the light takes on a direction that I don't like using for photos on the beach. Sunrise side light and sunset side light are the types of lighting I like best.

For your photo session on the beach it is interesting to choose light clothes, clothes that match the environment you are in, because on the beach you can already have a lot of information naturally and if you overload yourself with very heavy clothes the photo ends up losing balance and so on. the photo may be confusing. It's interesting to try to dress as comfortably as possible and with accessories that match each other. If possible, it's a good idea to have a bag where you can leave your cell phone and some other accessories that don't match your idea for your photo shoot.

I would say that for your photo shoot it is important to take some things that you may not have thought of until now. Sunscreen, repellent, water, food, some extra clothes and why not some rubber slippers?

Take into account that your photo session may be canceled due to the weather, the beach being closed or for some other reason, but if like I did last Sunday and decided to brave the bad weather and carry out the photo session, it may not be in the way you idealized, but perhaps you will be surprised in a positive way. But if you know exactly what you want and don't want to risk it, it's better to come back another day. Come back on a day that has the conditions you want to carry out your photo session.

I love working at the beach, the photos at the beach always look amazing. Choose the best date and time, think about the clothes you want to wear and think about the poses. Arrive on the day of your photo shoot ready. Happy photos and enjoy the beach after your photo shoot. Why not?

On that day and time there were a lot of clouds so the sun didn't directly hit the person I was photographing. New Smyrna Beach.

Here we have the side light. A light with an interesting color. Close to sunset time. New Smyrna Beach.

It rained a lot that day, including during the photo session. Apollo Beach.