Halloween is approaching and with that we see a mix of imagination and talent on the part of photographers and fantasy/cosplay lovers. This is the time of year that I enjoy photographing the most. It's when we dive into the world of fantasy and imagination, as a photographer I collaborate in the best way possible to bring to life the characters so loved by cosplayers.

I consider preparation to be a fundamental part of doing a good job. Your photo session begins with the research that the photographer needs to do to understand the essence of the character. But I would say that this is not exclusively the photographer's job. If you want to bring your beloved character to life, you also need to dedicate time to getting to know the details of your character.

After understanding who your character is, the photographer and the cosplayer must decide where they want to take the photo session. It is also important to have an idea of ​​poses, angles, lighting and everything else related to the character to try to translate your ideas from best possible way.

After you've decided what we said above, wait for the day of the photo shoot to arrive, but don't sit idly by, there's still work to be done. Choosing the clothes you are going to wear, it is important that you wear the clothes before you test the clothes to see if they are what you thought they would be. Something very important also comes into play here: makeup. It is extremely important that the makeup reflects what you imagined for your photo session, as poorly done makeup can ruin the entire plan, so if you are not sure that you can do a good job with the makeup, hire a professional. to help with your mission.

Cosplay photography has grown more and more every year. There are many creative possibilities and the only limitation is our imagination. Every year from September onwards I try to delve into this universe to bring each cosplayer's ideas to life, so this period between September and October is a period of great creativity. But these jobs don't just happen at this time of year, as there is no right time to do your photo shoot playing the character you love. The time to do your fantasy photo shoot is when you want to bring your idea to the world.