Before taking any pictures, it's important for the client and photographer to plan the details of a photo session. 

You've chosen and reached out to a photographer; you like their style and want to schedule a session. Now it's time to determine the details. An open dialogue is necessary before the photo shoot so that you can convey your ideas to the photographer. It's important to have a clear vision for your photos so there isn't a misunderstanding during the session, as this can influence the final results. 

During initial conversations and planning, send your photographer some inspirational photos. Samples help the photographer better understand what you have in mind for your pictures. For example, if you provide reference photos of dramatic lighting, the photographer knows what lighting equipment to bring to your session. The photographer can create that dramatic lighting effect you want for your final images. 

You should also tell the photographer what you are and are not comfortable doing. I think this point is important for both sides. You may feel uncomfortable with the direction the photographer has during the photo session, but the photographer may also feel uncomfortable with something that has not been previously discussed. For this reason, both sides need to establish boundaries. 

It's in these initial conversations with the photographer that your photo shoot truly begins. I like to know a client's idea for the photo shoot and establish the details ahead of time so I arrive prepared on the day of the shoot. Don't let the lack of conversation with your photographer get in the way of the final result. Explain what you want for your photo shoot, show examples, and set limits, and I'm sure your photo shoot will run smoothly and your photos will turn out just as you envisioned.