Have you ever wondered how important photography is in your life? Photography doesn't just capture memories. It tells our stories, illustrates our identities, and archives our evolution and achievements. It captures moments in time and preserves our special occasions. Moments that mark our lives and the lives of others deserve to be recorded, kept, and remembered.

Photography shouldn't be seen as something simple, commonplace, or of little importance. It's so crucial to preserve where we've been, what we've lived through, how we grew up, and who was with us in different periods of our lives. Photography allows us to look back and relive it all over again. 

Revisiting these records lets us remember things that we can no longer recall. Remember a place, what happened on a particular day, an unforgettable date, our childhood. It can make us feel sentimental. Even if you are not present in a photo, when you look at it, you can create that moment in your mind as if you were there.

Photography is not just for remembrance. It is also encouragement, motivation, and transformation. Did you know that? Photography has a great influence on our self-esteem. In this case, it shows us our beauty or empowerment that we may have forgotten. A photograph can show a person a new perspective of how beautiful, sensual, full, and powerful they are. Self-esteem grows and our quality of life improves. Who doesn't like to feel beautiful?

Photography is present in every moment of our lives, from the most important -- weddings, births, birthdays, graduations -- to the most ordinary -- a plate of food, our pet, nature, and even our selfies. A good memory is priceless!